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, the law banning nudity will go into affect next year with an exception like the beta breakers like the one on folsom street. >>> have you ever had an aol account? you could be paying for it and maybe not realize it. >> you don't want to lose your e-mail address. but either way michael finney has a report you need to see. >> and he is here with a special 7 on your side money saver.
. >> thank you. >>> getting naked on the streets of san francisco is a step closer to being against the law. after a contentious battle putting nudists against the board of supervisors they narrowly approved an ordinance banning public nudity. it was followed by opponents tearing off their clothing in protest. >> i would not have gotten naked at city hall if they had not tried to ban nudity which is a wonderful form of free expression. >> we are a city that believes in freedom. we have always believed in freedom and free expression. but staking your pants off at castro market and displaying major genitals to everyone, that's not freedom of expression. >> one more vote will take place next month, but that southbounded to be a formality. -- but that is already a formality. if a federal judge agrees with the decision, the law banning nudity will go into affect next year with an exception like the beta breakers like the one on folsom street. >>> have you ever had an aol account? you could be paying for it and maybe not realize it. >> you don't want to lose your e-mail address. but either way mi
carolyn tyler. >>reporter: this wioon be against the law. unless a federal judge steps in. the san francisco board of supervisors voted to approve a ban on public nudity sponsored by supervisor scott weiner but it wasn't a slam dunk. >> we did live in a time of limited resources. when it comes to the what is the best and most effective way of using those limited resources, not that enforcing nudity law is important but how important it is relative to violent crime i think the focus should be violent crime. >> when we start to surrender some of these basic rights city wide that what is next is this a lot of people think that's cliche. i do ask that questio question. what piercing or tattooing or yellow hair or what? >> we are a city that believes in freedom and we have always believed in freedom. and 43 expression but take thing your pants off at castro market and displaying your genital to everyone that's not free expression. >>reporter: when the measure passed pandemonium broke out in city hall. it's already against the law to get naked in chambers but one after the other se
-old james cross by and his 39-year-old brother-in-law michael meadows. >> we live when electronic did he advises can capture and further investigation but at the same time we don't want to see anyone injured or killed because of so it we need to use a fine balance. >>reporter: cross which believed to be the one who waved the gun at the couple and later fired shots at them. both men expected to be charged with assault with deadly weapon and attempted robbery. in oakland, abc 7 news. >>> of governor brown is criticize ago pay raise for the new chancellor at uc berkeley. governor says the 50,000 dollar increase does not fit with the spirit of leader shp that is needed rate now. incoming chancellor is nicholas dirk. he was the executive vice president at columbia university in new york and dirk says he's well aware of the challenges that lie ahead. >> substantial investment on the part of the state in higher education and the kinds of things that the university all campus ins the system have had to do to struggle to make up for this diminishment of state funding. >>reporter: dirk salary
people in. >> san jose city councilman says the laws of hockey fans has hurt local bars and restaurants. >> you don't know what you have until you have it. that's what is happening. >> gomez misses all of the hungry shark fans, but hopes the festival will be a gift. >> without this, we will be a really sad holiday. >> have i a long-time sharks fan since i was a kid. >> he opened it up weeks after the lockout began. he hopes the holidays will bring new customers. the olympic skating champion whose husband plays in the nhl believes a little holiday spirit is neated. is needed. >> we have the absence of the hockey season and hopefully with christmas in the park it will be an amazing opportunity for families to enjoy the holidays. hopefully that will help the economy here in downtown. >> now, with no end in sight, the nhl canceled all games through mid-december. still many here are optimistic that the sharks will take to the ice again before the end of the year. live in san jose, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> thank you. >>> it was a perfect evening for christmas tree lighting around the ba
a law passed last year to shutter a company it says is a continuing health risk. the government will not allow the plan to reopen until they no longer have a probability of causing health consequences or death. 8-year-old nate lebron was one who ate the peanut butter sold at trader joe's. >> it felt very painful, the cramps, i was screaming loud, saying why does this happen to me? >> reporter: the fda discovered salmonella throughout the facility, no hand washing sinks, leaks that left water accumulationing on the floor and open doors that could allow pests to enter. >> there was reasonable probability of serious injury or death to consumers from consuming products. >> reporter: all peanut products with dates of mash of 1st, 2010 -- of march 1st, 2011 should be immediately discards or return. >>> -- discarded or returned. >>> study found more than 26% of teens 16 to 18 read or send at least one text every time they drive. that comes despite nationwide efforts to educate drivers on the risk. the study found parents who eat, drink or look for something while driving were likely to
: is that a violation of federal law. >> i don't think so but he found a dry spot to sit down on so wishing that she returned to work. there's not as much mail as there used to be but enough to keep her busy. if you want to mail something, anything, she will take care of it. for now at least. so you are in limbo would. >> i am. >>reporter: how is that. >> it doesn't feel good. >>reporter: in canyon, wayne abc 7 news. >>> nice spot. to great escape in los angeles. but a temporary one. passenger happened to capture the image of camel that escaped from a circus in glendale. running down the street and people chasing after it. i'm told camel have pretty good speed. in sand any way. freedom did not last long however. camel was eventually captured. >>> making a difference in a place that really needs it. >> just seeking not a program but jaws place to stay. but jaws place to stay. >> nextwv@ñj >> want to invite to you become a part of the abc 7 shir your holiday food drive on december 12. taking your donation for local food bank. for more information and location that is nearest to you goo
them. he called the officer action unacceptable saying they took the law in their own hands he wants them suspended. >> egyptian president mohammad morsi will scale back the decree he issued last week he says which would have given him sweeping judicial powers. he will reach new agreement and potential against the new rules. upped the agreement the court has the power to rae view more edict. dairy farm intereurope took anger to the street today after low milk prices. sfichlt farmer from several country soaked police with mike outside the area pine headquarters in russell today. the currently being hold at low prussia cost tlat being the survival of the mark. well lack at further rae form on wednesday. >>> it was a year and a half ago when osama bin laden was kill. we now we learn about central character would made it possible and she's the central figure in a new movie. martha has an exclusive interview with film director catherine bigelo bigelow. >> the story everyone thinks they know. stealth nighttime raid by the seal team 6 subpoena sweeping into the bin laden compound in
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8